Metformin Reduces the Incidence of Cancer in Type 2 Diabetes Patients: an Update Meta Analysis

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January 01, 2018.   doi:10.12123/npcd201801004

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Dan Zhang, Jiaru Luo, Yunzhi Ling*

All authors are from Biowed (China) Co., Ltd.


Keywords: Metformin; type 2 diabetes; Cancer incidence risk; Meta analysis

Received: September 01,2017 Accept: November 01,2017 published:January 01,2018


To evaluate the association between metformin treatment and the incidence risk of cancer in diabetes patients. Firstly, literatures related to metformin treatment and type 2 diabetes were searched in CBM, CNKI, VIP, wanfang, Cochrane Library, PubMed and Web of science databases via computer-based retrieval and manual retrieval, the searching date was updated to April 2017. Then according to the eligibility criteria to screen literatures, and twenty-five studies were included in this study. Finally, the related data were extracted and analyzed using Revman 5.3 software. The meta results of fifteen cohort studies showed: the incidence of cancer in type 2 diabetes patients who were treated with metformin was obviously lower than that in type 2 diabetes patients without metformin treatment, and RR=0.49, 95% CI [0.34, 0.72]. The meta results of ten case-control studies showed the reduction of cancer incidence in type 2 diabetes patients is associated with the use of metformin, and OR=0.82, 95% CI [0.7, 0.95]. In conclusion, metformin treatment can effectively decrease the incidence of cancer in type 2 diabetes patients.

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